Hey everyone!

This is my very first blog update.

I’m thinking not making it a great one. Since I want to improve my blog skills and in order for me to do that, the first blog post should be bad, right? You get it?

Okay that was a bad start..

What is it all about?

My blog will be about the life as an entrepreneur, cocktail bartender and cross fitter.

I will share my knowledge, ideas and opinion with you guys.


Because I think my view on the planet and where we are going is important and I think my story is interesting. Selfish? Hell yeah. And now you know my opinion about that.

I don’t care about what other people think about me. I know you have heard that several times from others and it’s almost a cliche. However I think I have proven myself in my actions the last couple of years and I certainly will show you during this blog that I focus 100 % on the things I want to achieve.

Cheers in advance!



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