Addicted to Coffee?

Addicted to Coffee? Hell yeah!

My daily cup of coffee:

I love coffee. Not as I love my family and friends of course. What’s the difference? Well coffee I have everyday and I can’t survive without it 😉

Today I have already had 2 cups of coffee. Usually I will have 4 a day. You are probably thinking “That’s not that much”.. Well that’s because I haven’t showed you the size of the cup yet. I try to cheat my brain. If I take a big cup then I can have more coffee without having that many cups a day. It’s cheating but it works haha 😀 ..It probably adds up to around 6-8 cups a day.

#CoffeeAddict #WhoCares

It’s an addiction. But who cares? Coke would have been worse. Here I mean both types of coke. The one you drink and the one you sniff.

How I drink my coffee? Well right below you’ll fin the secret recipe. It’s healthy and absolutely amazing.

Cheers in advance!

Today started with this lovely cup:

How I love my coffee?

  • Order an Americano (Double Espresso with hot water)
  • Ask for steamed fat milk on the side!
  • Put a tea spoon of Coconut Oil in the coffee and stir gently.
  • Last but not least, put a dash of Cinnamon on top.
  • Enjoy!

How is it Coffee works?

I found this awesome youtube video about what coffee actually does to you and why it gives you that kick. Watch it while you sip a cup. Cheers!

Why do I drink that much coffee?

I can feel that it helps me to get my creativity and I get work done. Could I do it without coffee? Probably.. But would I do it? No. It wouldn’t be fun. It would feel terrible.. Haha yes that’s how addicted I am..

Feel free to give my recipe a go! ..And please share your own knowledge! I would love to test new types of having coffee! ..I drink 8 cups a day so I have plenty possibilities of testing 😉

Here is a few pic’s for all us who are coffee addicted:

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