How to dress up as an Entrepreneur?

How to dress up as an Entrepreneur?

The cold weather is coming and the winter depressions will hit those who aren’t prepared. Here is a few tips so you don’t get hit:

The YES hat!

In Denmark we have an expression called “JA hatten“. That means that you are positive no matter what and that you can’t say no to suggestions coming your way. I wear my Yes hat everyday. 24/7.

Of course it’s important to say NO sometimes. Saying YES to all new business opportunities can lead to stress. However in my mind, wearing a Yes hat means, that no matter what stands in your way you believe in yourself and look at the bright side of it.

The Yes hat is about your focus. You and only you decide what to focus on. You can either focus on all the downsides of your business and the daily life as an entrepreneur. Or you can focus on how to solve those downsides. Are you low on cash or do your business don’t have enough customers? Well then focus on solving that instead of complaining about it. Perhaps you need to change your strategy, product or the way you do your marketing. It’s not easy but wear your Yes hat and you’ll get through it 😉

Bring the business card!

Old fashioned? Hell yeah! Some of those you give it to will just throw it away. However it’s still has a value. In my mind it all depends on your business cards design.

Can you design your Business Card so your potential customer or business partner will keep it?

I do Bartender Services in my company. Therefore I chose to design the back of my business card with either a cocktail recipe or a “how to make good cocktails at home” manual.

Did it work? Yes! Some who never would have taken the card at one of my events took it with them. Not because they wanted to keep my pretty face in their pocket. But because they wanted to learn how to make the best Mojito!

Cheers for creativity! 😉

Don’t forget your smile!

It’s indeed a cliche, I know that. But it’s still right! Everyone is beautiful when they smile. Everyone!? Yes every-to-the-mega-one!

I don’t say I’m an expert in smiling. However I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt anyone if we used the force a little more each day.  It’s so easy! Like you can do it right now. When you read this. Why? Because Nike say it. #JustDoIt

I’m not saying you just should walk around with a fake smile. That’s not gonna get you through your day. But a sweet little smile every now and then will only make yourself more interesting. Here I speak as a potential customer, partner, business angel, friend etc.


Be prepared for any kind of “weather”!

Denmark is freezing, rainy and cold as f***. Period. It’s easy to just hate it. “Lorte vejr” as we danish dudes call it.

What can we do about that? Well we hoped the global warming would do something about it. That wasn’t the case. Global Warming went everywhere else besides Denmark. Cheers for that. And now it’s seems like the winter actually will get colder

So what can we actually do about that? We can of course start a greener life (..I’m not talking about your diet now. #EatClean). But what I believe is even more important is to think your business into it.

Can you make your business more green? Can your business help the planet in some sort of way?

For example at we are offering an organic Cocktail Bar and we share our ride with strangers on when we have to drive far to go to an event. I know that probably won’t change the world. However you can be one of the tiny steps towards a change and the change is needed.

Let me put it like this: You can either stand in the rain and get wet, freeze and complain about it #LorteVejr. Or you can dress up for it and take action.

Would you like a green cocktail?


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