We are all ego’s. Some are just better to control their ego than others. We want to do better than everyone else. We look at others and compare their business or their life with our own.

That’s WRONG!

Why? Well you can either keep looking at others that has more success or a better body or whatever than you, or you can look at yourself and make some changes.  Be the most awesome version of yourself. Because there will always be someone that’s better or fitter or smarter than you. Al-to the giant-ways! Depressing? Hell no. It doesn’t matter.  Use these super humans (and yes also your competitors) as inspiration. That way they will give you energy to do better. And if better is an option. Good is not good enough. Period.

It all comes down to your focus. You can start looking in the mirror.  What’s that? Yes! Yourself! Smile to that awesome person looking back.

“Why should I smile? My body fat is above 50 %, I don’t have a job, no girlfriend and I look like Shrek”..

Because smiling will make the difference. Period. (Yes I do like those periods ?..) Accept the situation and make the best of it. If you are without a job then see it as a opportunity to find out what you really want. If you feel ugly about your body then it’s your focus that’s wrong. Because everyone has some part of awesomeness inside. The difference is that some people are not afraid of showing it. I want you to be a part of those people. ..And the best about living is that we can make changes to our lives. You hate your job? Quit. You hate your body? Do something about it. Stop complaining and take action. Smiling can be the first move.


..Alright it’s actually okay to compare yourself with others as long as it’s not filled with bitterness. If you are bitter then drink Fernet Branca until your mind is positive once again. That was a joke. Ha ha. ?

I’m not saying you can go all happy all the time. Everyone has bad days. Everyone. The bad days is what makes the good days,good. But a bad day can change to be a good day. SMILE and FOCUS!

I know that you know this. I know that you have heard it all before. I know that even though you know this and you have heard it all before then you are still struggling. That’s why I’m writing this. Let this be your sign. It’s time to smile! ?

What do I know about having bad days? Well just today I feel like crab. Hangover, unanswered emails and a lot of stuff on my TO DO list. … But HEY it could be worse!! I’m alive and my hangover haven’t made me puke yet. (Yesterday was like: “If I say TE you say QUILA!..” Today I’m like this: ?).. But still smiling! ?

10 reasons to SMILE!

  1. You are alive. ????
  2. You can read. ?
  3. You can smile. ?
  4. You are not living in a time where you can’t break out from bad circumstances around you. ?
  5. You can say YES instead of NO. ??
  6. Smiling makes you attractive and it fights stress! ?
  7. It’s absolutely free, healthy and you will achieve lot greater things if you start doing it. ??
  8. You are AWESOME. Why? You are reading this. That makes you awesome. True story. ?
  9. You know all these reasons but this time you WILL remember them. ??
  10. This reason I don’t even have to give since you already smile. ?


It’s easy for me just to say “SMILE AND FOCUS”. I know that. Of course no one will be able to do it every single day. However smiling is exactly as easy. Try it out. You have done it before and it’s not like you will ever forget how to do it. What is your big excuse?

Start focusing on smiling. Because as an entrepreneur I have learned one thing: It’s what you focus on that may will succeed. Focus on smiling!

I have another easy task for you: Each day you should look in the mirror. Smile to yourself. Then tell yourself that today you’ll be the best version of yourself. Perhaps not a smiling superhero but the best possible version of that awesome you. I know it probably won’t save our planet. But it will make a difference if we all did that. It starts with you.

Thanks and cheers in advance! ?


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