Why the Share Economy is saving the world!

What is the Sharing Economy?

You probably already know Uber, Airbnb and other local sharing services.

A sharing economy is defined by a model where individuals borrow/rent other peoples things. Sometimes it’s referred to as a peer-to-peer sharing. In short: You share your belongings with strangers through online marketplaces.

Why is it saving the world?

If we take a look into the beauty of sharing stuff. Sharing is caring.  It’s actually quite simple. You own a house, expensive clothing, a car, a bike and so on. Through the world wide web we now are able to share almost everything with total strangers. It’s AMAZING! ❤️

Before we was only able to share with friends and colleagues. But did we do it? Hell no (Okay at least not always). If a friend asked us about using our car we either found a bad excuse for saying NO or we said SURE and felt weird about asking for cash. Not to mention how to setup a fair fee.

Now you have online marketplaces helping you from scratch. Airbnb helps you making a beautiful profile of your flat. It even reminds you uploading pictures. They track how fast you are to answer people. They help you setting up a fee based on their own data. You get reviews from those who lived at your flat. Airbnb even has a service that help you if you somehow get screwed. Meanwhile the person renting your flat is living cheaper than the nearest hotels and you earn money for hosting. I mean whats not to like?

Well actually: Is there a downside of these lovely sharing technologies? Or is it just a perfect party? ??✌??

Data that helps proving my point

  • Number of Airbnb users: 60 million
  • Average number of nightly Airbnb stays around the world: 500.000 stays per night
  • Number of countries that Airbnb is active in: 192 countries 
  • Number of Uber users: 8 million
  • Average number on daily Uber rides: 1 million rides
  • Average number on monthly new Uber drivers: 50.000 drivers
  • Sharing Economy is one of TIME Magazine’s 10 Ideas that will change the world.
  • $2.46 billion funding in Sharing Economy startups in the last seven months.

What’s not to like?

If we really try (and we have to try hard) to find bad things to say about such service as Airbnb or Uber then it’s the tax issue. The majority people renting out their flats/rooms don’t know how to report it to the government. Why is that? Well these services went global why the governments worldwide was sleeping. ?

I know it’s easy to blame the government. However sometimes you get a feeling that they spend a lot time about discussing numbers. But it’s of course not an easy task when you need to control technology. Technology has a pace that can be hard to follow. It goes super fast. It’s like Usain Bolt on speed. ??#Crazy ..Especially the better we get connected worldwide. Just take a look on the latest robot videos. They are coming. Not in 10 years but sooner. Our governments are trying to follow up with rules and laws on the subject but technology is just not a fair friend. It keeps evolving. Right now so fast than even our own brains can have a hard time to understand it. But hey, soon they can be replaced! ?

How is Sharing Economy saving our world then? 

We are not that different from each other. We are the same race. Please watch the Momondo commercial on the right before you questionnaire my point. ??

What has this to do with the sharing economy? Well the sharing economy we get to meet strangers from all over the world. We get to know each other. We have to trust the people we let inside our flat or using our car. Some people probably use Airbnb or other sharing services because they earn some extra cash. I mean who would do it if there wasn’t any money in it? ..But does it matter that we earn cash?

The beauty of the sharing economy is that you let go and trust a complete stranger. Different skin color, another background, crazy culture and a weird religion. It doesn’t matter. You believe in the service. You believe that it’s not a serial killer you let it. YOU ARE OPEN! ??

What happens then? 95 % of the time you find out that we really aren’t that different from other people. You share a cup of coffee with the stranger or you chat a bit with them. You probably don’t become BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) but you meet up, you share and you move on.

How is it saving the world? All the condemns are destroyed. We become closer as a race. Not only by digitalization but because we meet up. #OneFamily ?


Dear awesome reader! (If you came this far you are pretty awesome.. ???)

As you probably already know I’m a big fan of the sharing economy. I really believe that it already has and still is changing the world into something better.

Imagine not owning anything but sharing your all belongings. Or at least the bigger things (I still would like to have my own toothbrush) .. ?

A connected world is a better world. As long as we can keep following the technology we are creating. Because that way it will safe the world and not destroy it. (Sometimes it would be great if the world had a STOP button we could press and just discuss for 2 minutes on how we want the technology to evolve. However that discussion probably wouldn’t last 2 minutes.. So let’s hope we keep thinking about what we do as the brilliant human race we are..)

That being said I challenge you to share more! Just use your great brain while you do it! ?

Cheers! ?

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