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Start loving what you do by making your to do list attractive!

It’s never been more important that you love what you are doing. In average we spent 30 % of our life working. That’s a lot. If you want to have something to compare with we sleep around 30 % as well.

If we spent 30 % working then we really should think about what we do with that 30 %. How many of does 30 do you love? 25? 20? 10? None? I know that none of us love all the 30 %. We all want to quit what we are doing from time to time. However it should not be a feeling you have in general. Work should be fun. Not hilarious, but fun. If you feel in doubt about your work then I believe you are not in doubt. Nowadays the world is filled with opportunities. You can do almost exactly what you want. Or at least pretty damn close! I want to challenge you to believe that. If you could do exactly what you want what would you do? First step finding your dream job is finding your passion.

If your passion is football etc. and you as a kid spend hours training to become the professional without succeeding then don’t see it as a mistake. It’s a lesson. You can do almost whatever you want. Everyone has limits. However if you still want to work with football and that’s your passion then there is a million ways to make it a fulltime job. Professional football player is just one of the many ways. Coach, physiotherapist, masseuse and so on.

It all begins with you focussing on the opportunities and not the problems. What is the worst that could actually happen? ..If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger they say. I tend to believe that if you know your passion then it is a giant mistake not to pursue it just a tiny bit.

Yes it is a risk.

Yes you will feel frustrated.

Yes it may cause economic chaos.

Yes you will think about why you did it at some point.

Yes the world around you will question your actions. Even those people closest to you.

But it will make you smile more (and everything before the but is bullshit!!..). It will make you work harder because you will not feel the work as work. Those extra hours you need to put in will not feel like extra hours.


We know Nike says Just do it and many succesful entrepreneurs do the same, “Follow your passion” and all that stuff they brag about. I want to challenge you for real. All these phrases are of course easier to yell than they are to follow. You are probably thinking just do what!? what is that it that I have to do? And what if I don’t know my passion? Or how do I make living when my passion is Netflix, Ben & Jerries and Holidays? ..That is some great questions. In fact I don’t have a clear answer to you. I still want to challenge your drive though. When your worklife is as its best (closed a client etc.) then it really should make Netflix, Ben & Jerries and Holidays suck ass. You should get that YEEEEEESSS feeling sometimes. The more often the better. I want you to ask yourself if you get that YEEEEESS feeling at your work? Because if you work to pay bills or to get more time for other stuff then you are wrong. It’s 30 % of your life. Think about that. Spending 30 % of your life to make the last 40 % better (remember 30 % you are asleep..) is not the best solution. It’s of course acceptable. But if better is possible good is not enough. 

Why not make 90-95 % of that one life you’ve got amazing? What is the worst that could happen? Are you scared of failing? Then let me tell you that believing you can actually do it is 90 % of success. Cheers for that!


We all do it once in a while. We wake up Monday morning and we feel tired, dizzy and we just want coffee. We use Monday as an excuse for our mood. The “You know it’s Monday…” kind of vibe. I challenge you to stop that. Monday is not a bitch. Or a bad guy. Monday is the smartest kid in school. The kid that’s easy to hate because everyone else does it. But why not collaborate with Mr. Monday?

Why not get a great start of every week? Enjoy it. Get ahead. Kiss that Monday. If you hate Monday then it’s what you do that you hate. I challenge you to make your Monday more fun. Start next Monday. Dance, smile, play, laugh. What stops you? Your surroundings? Then you should change them.

Each morning I want you to take a look in the mirror:

Do you have health?

Do you have wealth?

Then be the best version of yourself!

Don’t be like:

Be like:

Posivite Impact

There is one more thing that counts in your worklife. As important it is that your job gets you excited as important it is that your job makes an impact in a positive way.

I know it sounds cheesy but your work should make the world a better place. You probably think that it seems a bit crazy and how can my work even do that? I’m glad you ask. Your work and actions should bring more smiles than angry faces in your life including yourself. If it does then it’s making a change into something better. The percentage might be tiny but even a tiny change in the right direction is worth something.

If you look at your work as an bank account: The more smiles your work will bring the more plusses you receive. The angry faces and complaints you create being the minuses. I ask you: How is the balance?

If your think your balance is negative then it’s about time you change it. It all begins with a single step in the right direction. You don’t have to quit today if that feels like a bit too crazy. The small step could be to start smiling to your colleague or praise someone that deserves it.

Karma is a bitch and even if you don’t believe in her, she will punch you in the face if you don’t treat her with some respect.

Work is play – Why should I be lazy?

Work today – be a little crazy!

Yeah that’s a fact, you need to react

It’s Positive fucking Impact!

Work is Play. Positive Impact is awesome. Why not play an awesome game?

It’s never too late to jump. You don’t have to jump like a professional. You can jump exactly as high as you want to. But do jump!

As the Holstee Manifesto says:

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