Why 2016 wasn’t that bad

Why 2016 wasn’t that bad

I know a lot of bad things happened in 2016. Terror attacks, legends past away, Brexit, Trump and many more. However blaming the year is really not gonna help. I tend to believe that if you focus on all the bad in our world then it’s pretty easy to get scared or to feel that it’s the worst year ever.

Terror attacks: Sure there was some people who apparently couldn’t stand that we as a planet are getting better connected. I don’t know why you commit that kind of a crime. You must feel misunderstood, scared, jealous and angry at the same time. Whatever reasons you have then please understand that absolutely no reasons are acceptable for such. Even though these terrible things still happen then it’s just good to remember that it’s been worse. Technology have made us all very well connected. Now a days so we get news from all over the world. Constantly and with such a speed that even Formula 1 racing seems a bit boring. We hear about all the accidents from all over the world. That’s a lot of accidents and bad news are more interesting. It’s sad but true. A media channel gets far more clicks from an accident than a romantic succesful story. Please remember that before you get scared visiting the Eiffel Tower or watching the Olympics. Yes there is a risk that something bad happens but life is full of risks, live with it.

Legends past away: David Bowie, George Michael, Prince, Frank Sinatra and many more. It’s not great. It’s really bad. Rest in peace times 1000. However please use it in a positive way. Listen to these legends songs and remember: We are all gonna die one day. We don’t know when, how or what actually happens. It’s pretty f****** scary. However please try to see it from a positive ankle. If you are reading this then I can tell you some amazing news (yes I’m going breaking!): You’re alive! Smile! Dance! Jump!

Brexit and Trump: Yes not many people saw those two coming. Who would have predicted that one year ago? However if you are scared or believe it’s the worlds end then you need to think twice. From a positive perspective it can be a major wake up call and a reason to look at political system from scratch. Nowadays you need a handfull of lawyers, an accountant and a contact person in SKAT to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Why don’t we have a system that makes life simple? A system build on common sense.

Again it’s easy to blame the system and the politicians just because life is tough and your taxes are high. I believe grumbling never solves anything. If you are frustrated then do something about it! You hate how the world is developing then take action!  Tiny steps count. It evolves into a bigger amount.

That being said here is my 2016 – Failures and achievements. Cheers in advance!

2016 achievements:

  • From one man army to a rockstar team: I started the year as being the only one working full time in my company. Now we ended the year being 4 guys and a few part time as well. Of course a ton of awesome bartenders, waitresses and DJ’s as well. That’s why I’ll from now on be saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. And it feels kinda great! Our business is very seasonal. December we have always been many working parttime/fulltime but now we are a team the whole year. That’s different. I really enjoy that different. ??
  • Turnover increased: Turnover of GetBartender.com in 2015 was 1.5 million DKK. Turnover in 2016 is 2.4 million DKK. However turnover is not money earned which is important to remember. No multimillionaire here!
  • Other Cashcows established: We launched new business and earned money from GetCocktails.com and Isterninger.NU. Not as much as planned but shit takes time. ?
  • From talking to walking: We made GetBartender.com a lot easier to run. Fridge, freezer, two ice machines, three cars, bigger storage in Århus and a lot of online tools that helps. Awe-to the-some. If you can talk the talk then you also have to be able ro walk the walk. Enough said. ???
  • Tough decisions: Increased our prices and upgraded on everything of the core business. As an entrepreneur you need to know what you are worth. We could see that we was running really fast for all our amazing clients. We wanted more time in order to launch in other countries and grow new businesses. We also wanted to upgrade the level of our services. We therefore increased our prices. We did it so we could earn more money per client and concentrate even more on delivering 100 % for each of them. It’s still to early to say if it’s the right choice. However it feels really great! ???
  • Helping homeless! We started giving our empty cans to homeless people. In Denmark each can is worth money. That way people don’t throw them out together with other trash. At least that’s the purpose. GetBartender.com give away all those cans to Homeless. The homeless then go to the supermarket with it and gets money back. We call it www.DetBarPant.dk. It’s easy, we are helping poor people and the money we would have got from the cans is not destroying our budget. The best is the smiling faces you see when you hand over the cans. It could be because we are dressed like Batman and Robin when we do it. I choose to believe that’s it’s a mix of both.
  • Greater list of clients: Our list of clients and the events have been taking a step up. We have served cooperates such as Tryg, Zendesk, Fødevarestyrelsen, Vejdirektoratet, Dell, Deliotte, Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen, Sahva, Aller Media, Danbolig, CrossFit Copenhagen and many more. ?
  • Creative collaboration is the shit: As an entrepreneur it’s important that you know how to collaborate with likeminded people. We started collaborating with several locations, DJ’s, Beer companies, catering services. We all have the same target group so why not help each other. It’s simple and it really works.
  • Not just Bartenders: We have found our niche. Bartending and Cocktails is what we are really good at. However this year we have started helping our clients with whatever they needed. Food, music, tables, venues or whatsoever. If they have the budget for whatever they have in mind then we are ready to help! Being flexible about your service is important nowadays. People are different and they have different needs. Listening is absolutely key.??


2016 is over. It’s been a ride you couldn’t predict. Up and down. Mostly up though. I can’t say I’m not satisfied. I’m still alive and my business has never been stronger as it is right now. I have learned a lot. The three key lessons being that:

  1. Patience is everything. Overnight success is something you plan for. Shit takes time. Much more time than you think. Stay consistent to your goal.
  2. Get the right people around you. If you are not surrounded by the right people then you are screwed. They don’t necessarily need to have the same goal as you, being as patient as you or as hard working. However you need to make sure they other stand the ride. If they don’t understand the ride it’s not because they are dumb. It’s simply because you haven’t explained it well enough. They need to understand it. Only that way they will be as patient and hard working as yourself. You can’t blame other people for not following your dream if you don’t listen to their dreams and help them reach whatever they want to achieve. That I’m still struggling with but I’m getting there.
  3. Walking beats talking. It’s easy to plan and put stuff on your to do list. What really matters is execution. What do you really do? Success. Taste that word. It’s not just something that comes your way. Success will not just knock on your door all randomly. If you are lucky it will. However if you work smart then you can make it swing by more often and not all randomly. I said “work smart” because it’s not time spent that counts. It’s what’s done the end of the day. It’ doesn’t matter whether you work 100 hours per week or 40. What matters is what you achieve in does hours you work.

Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017! I’m all yours and ready to kick some serious ass!

In the next blog post I’ll write my goals for this year and tell you some exciting and scary news. #StayTuned ✌??

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