The Biggest Value in Life!

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The Biggest Value in Life!

What is it?

Money? No. Oil? Nope. Gold? Neither. Diamants? Not even close. Coffee then? I do love coffee like a maniac (5 cups a day.. No kidding) but it’s not as important as the one I’m thinking about.

The biggest value in life is time. Money will come and go. Time will not come back. Never. At least not right now. Technology will probably in the future make time  less important. Yes I truly believe the future will make it possible to be forever young. It’s crazy but crazy is the new sane. In the era we live in though time is the biggest value. Nothing is worth more than your time. Why? Well you’ll only be able to save time on your actions. From reading the beginning of this sentence to the ending you will spend some time. That time is spend. Those seconds will not come crawling back. They are gone. Forever. Please don’t stop reading though. My intention with this blogpost dear reader is to make you more aware of that.

Time is a resource you’ll never receive more of. That means you really really should think about where you spend it. I meet people everyday telling me about their goal in life and how they right now work really hard to achieve that goal. I have huge respect for hardworking people. However if you don’t enjoy the ride towards your big great goal then I don’t see the point. The ride and daily life should be one that makes you laugh, smile and dance. It should even make you sing on the good days. ??

You might be a little confused and asking: What’s my passion? How do I enjoy the ride towards my goal? That’s easy for you to say but how to do that?

Let me be more specific then. First of all I’m 100 % confident that you know what you like. Whatever it is then you should build your life around it. Why? Because all the time you spend doing differently is a waste of time and we just found out that time is the biggest value in life. Spend it like you spend your money. Or be even more cheap. Family, friends and passion. Boom. Fill your life with those three things. Mix it with love and shake it like it was a cocktail. Then add a dash of traveling and a pinch of exercise. Top up with a positive mindset and garnish with a open attitude to new culture, ideas and learning. #Metaphor #Cocktails #NailedIt ??

How not to waste time? 

Hmm maybe I wasn’t specific enough so let me try again. It’s easier to go the other way around: What is time wasting and how to get rid of it? Well.. Thanks for asking!

Many probably believe Social Media, TV, Youtube, Movies etc. to be the ones to blame. However the point is that everything can be time wasting. It all comes down to you as an individual. Something might seem time wasting for you while it is a passion for others. Working out is a great example. Some do it as less as possible and some loves the shit out of it. They spend hours in the gym on weekly basis. And why not? If that’s whats keep them going then that’s amazing. I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to make sure you realize how you spend that precious time while you still have lots left. Remember that, you are only one decision away from changing your life. Don’t make it more complicated than it actually is.

Monday mood:

Sorry but now I will judge. Please stop hating Monday. Monday has never ever done anything bad to you. It’s you and only you who makes Monday bad. If you hate Monday you’ll only make it worse. This is something I know that you know. It all comes down to your focus. Is your #MondayMood: “Yes! I’m alive. it’s amazing. I feel humble, passionate and awesome. I’m ready to make this day count! ?????” then you are off to one brilliant version of a Monday (..Yes they exist). If your #MondayMood is more like this: “Aaaaaahhhh shit. Come on raining again? Why is the bus always fucking late? Why did I just lose my car keys? Does the world just hate me? Seriously? Monday you really are a bitch!!! ☔️????” then you’ll only make it harder to succeed. Much harder.

It’s science bitch. Draw your victory and say it out loud. Now you are already two steps closer achieving it. Why? Because you have visualized it and you have told your surroundings that you are going to do this. They will help you. Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right. Period.

Love Monday. Kiss Tuesday. Give Wednesday a huge High Five. Cheers to Thursday. Make Friday Fabulous. Saturday you don’t need anything to make that one great. Sunday is Funday. Repeat. ?

That’s all for now. Enjoy your time until we see each other again Dear Reader!

Time for Rhyme

I'll end this with a punchline to remember 

Serving it to you like a Bartender

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The biggest value in life is Time

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