What Entrepreneurs forget

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What we as Entrepreneurs forget!

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What is it? What is it? What is it??? ???

Alright in my previous blog post I explain that Time is the biggest value in life. Now I tell you that PATIENCE is key. Yes. I believe many people forget how important patience is. It’s absolutely key in my mind. That might upset you a slightly bit. You are running out of time and you have all these goals you wanna achieve, right?  You feel patience is the last thing you need right now. You are filled with the “Just do it” mentality. You are ready to yell GERONIMOOO! or you maybe you have already done it. I’m not saying it’s a mistake. If you just have started a business or if you are thinking about starting one then I still think you should go for it! ???

What am I saying then? I want you to be patient about your big great goal. It doesn’t happen overnight. No matter how brilliant app idea you may have then it will take time to build up a huge userbase. A great example is Pokemon GO ?. Many believed it to be a overnight success but that couldn’t be more wrong. If you don’t believe me have a read: https://www.inc.com/dana-severson/what-overnight-success-pokémon-go-took-20-years-to-take-off-according-to-its-cr.html

Entrepreneurship is a Marathon:

Patience is key. That’s not the same as saying “Good things come to those who wait”. I disagree with that point of view. In my ming it should be: “Good things come to those who hustle hard“. When I tell you patience is key then you need to understand that entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint.

You will get cramps. You will suffer. Maybe even puke. At some point you will want to quit. Experience that shit happens even though you try to avoid it. A cocktail of all that. Garnished with a few wins every now and then. In order to cross the finishline you need to believe in yourself, work hard, stay consistent and be patient.

Patience is important to remember. Especially when you are a startup. Look at the big corporates you know. Coca Cola launched in 1886, Apple in 1976, Walmart in 1962, Volkswagen 1937. None of those huge corporates was build in a couple of months… Oh wait I know what you are thinking. When there is a rule there is exceptions but let’s dig into those then: Google is from 1996, Snapchat was live in 2011, Facebook launched in 2004. They are all huge now. However even these super companies took at least a couple of years to establish a huge userbase. Great Entrepreneurship is a Marathon. Good things take time. Period. ??

Patience doesn’t mean laziness ??

I’m not saying you should wait for success to happen. You need to make things happen. That’s done by working hard and being consistent. Hard work and consistency is fundamentals. Patience is the ingredient that many ambitious entrepreneurs including myself struggle with. We want to conquer the world and we want to do it today! We feel bad when things don’t go the way we want it to and we change our routine, plan or even our goal if don’t experience success. That’s not completely wrong. It’s good to adapt to changes from society and change a plan/goal if you don’t get any results. However maybe you was closer than ever and going down the right path. Keep your Yes hat on and keep working like a beast! ✋?

Patience is your key
Mixed with Hard work and Consistency
That can’t fail
Call it a Cocktail 
It should be your partners in crime
like mine is gin, tonic and lime
I truly hope you get the point. Patience doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen if you really are going nowhere. Your entrepreneurial ride should be fun and enjoyable. Not all the time but most of the time. You should experience results if you are working hard just don’t expect them to be visible overnight. Maybe you have achieved a lot but you can’t see it yourself. Sometimes it’s works better to ask a friend or family member. This blogpost is just to open your mind to patience.

Stress and patience:

Patience might be exactly what you need in your daily life. If you are working those 10-15 hours a day trying to build a business or launching one then your to do list is probably filled up. You have a ton of tasks, huge ambitions and great goals. Why are you not reaching your goals? Why is it just not going your way? …Patience! ??
You need to keep doing what you are doing for some time before you can expect  results.
A huge High Five and lots of pure Love from the man with the ?.
Hard work + Consistency + Patience = You’ll reach those goals! ??

Time for Rhyme

Let me be straight 

Patience doesn't mean you should wait

You need to work hard and do much more

Success will not just knock at you door

You need to keep doing your thing!

Now smile, dance, hustle and please do sing!

That's called en-joy-ing!

Enjoy the ride and make it fun

Why? The ride might be a long run

Entrepreneurship is a Marathon

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