Entrepreneurs learn new shit with pleasure!

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Entrepreneurs learn new shit with pleasure!

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Why learning and your attitude about learning is alfa omega in Entrepreneurship

Never stop learning. Because life will never stop teaching. ??

I’m hungry after learning new skills. Not many things beat the feeling of figuring something out which you have struggled with for ages. If you want to be an Entrepreneur then you need to understand how important learning is and your attitude about learning.

You need to be open to new tools, methods, programs, knowledge etc. etc. Why? Because the world and technology is changing and developing faster than ever. If you don’t adapt to changes then you’ll die. ??

The skills that was worth a billion yesterday maybe irrelevant tomorrow. If you don’t understand that then you’ll lose. You need to keep learning. Whether it’s how to build a website, how to be a leader, accounting, new trending social medias or how to write a business plan doesn’t matter. You need to be open and find it interesting. Right now mobile apps, platforms and subscription services are trending and have been trending for some time. If you etc. don’t have a mobile friendly version of your website then Google will ignore you and you don’t want that. You need to learn from the past (what was trending and why), you need to adapt to the present (what’s trending now) and you need to look into the future (what will be trending tomorrow). ???

I’m not saying you need to learn everything in details. However are you in the beginning of your venture then you are the best marketer, salesman, CEO, CTO, HR, Accountant, Lawyer you have (..and yes that also mean you need to go for coffee yourself). Even if you can afford hiring a guy for all the tasks then you should still learn the basics. It will save you money and time. Life as an Entrepreneur is all about saving time and money where you can so you can invest it somewhere else.

Make a list!

Make a list of the skills you are good at and those you like doing. You should always do those. Now make a list of all the rest you need to do which you don’t fancy doing yourself. You shouldn’t learn all at once. Order them by priority. What’s nice to have and what’s needed? What is a return investment if you get someone else to do it and what’s not? Dig into each point on your to-do list.

By making a list you are already one step closer completing it. Boom. ✋??

The Website Example

Before you hire a web developer team for building your website it would  be smart to know a bit about websites. How are websites build? What kind of website do I need for my business right now? And what about the future? By doing a bit of investigation you’ll gain a lot of knowledge. You’ll learn lots in a couple of hours spent on Youtube.com, Linda.com or just by Googling. Do a bit of research before you spent your hard-earned cash. Perhaps you can do it yourself.

Building a website is often done by mistake. I have heard many stories from friends who picked the first cheap web developer they found and it didn’t turn out well. Myself included. It seemed easy and not that expensive. We chose that solution because we were lazy and didn’t knew any better. I don’t want you to make the same mistake. My advice: Learn a bit about websites and what you need before you hire someone. High Skilled developers are like clean bed sheets. You don’t know how much you appreciate them before you have tried it. It’s just amazing! ?


If you want to be an Entrepreneur (..or if you want to be more successful as an Entrepreneur) then learning and your ability to keep learning absolutely key.

Learn from the past, rock the present and adapt to the future = ?

Whether you need to do the tasks yourself or hire someone to do it is irrelevant. You will need to learn it anyway. If you hire someone to do it you’ll still need to learn how to hire the best candidate for the given task.

“Dear Rasmus, I understand what you are saying man but where the f*** should I start????”



High Five and pure love from a humble, awesome and learning ?-hat

Time for Rhyme

If you don't want your business to burn

Then there is stuff you need to learn

Be humble and curious

Attack knowledge like you are furious 

Learn from the past

That's how you grow fast!

You can always expand your brain

Information to gain

If you think you're perfect - You're insane!

What you should do instead?

Start learning from Ted

Learn from beyond and above

Just always do what you love! ????

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