How to have fun with tasks you hate!

By 17. januar 20182018

How to have fun with tasks you hate! ? ? ?

We all have some stuff on our weekly todolist that we hate. This is a post about how to make that stuff more fun. Why?Because if we accomplish that then I truly believe the overall life experience raise. Yay! ???

The small things I truly hate and how I'm making it fun!

Cleaning! ?

I’m not a fan of cleaning. Really not a fan. I would even go so far to say that if Manchester United played against cleaning then I would support Manchester United (..And yes I hate Manchester United).

..But how do I make cleaning fun then? ?

I have found out what works for me. This is not a universal thing though. Meaning that it might not tricker you. I put on some 90’s music and sing along while I dance around like no one is watching.??

However even though this sounds silly then I want you to give it a try! If the 90’s aren’t doing it for you then switch to the 80’s. I’m beyond confident that some music will do the magic. ?

Actually music works on many things that normally do suck. Running, cycling, cleaning, driving etc. etc. It all becomes way easier with some awesome music, right?

Another thing I have learned about cleaning: The hardest part is to start. Afterwards I always look back at the old version of me who had such a hard time starting and I’m thinking “Dude come on. Enough excuses. It really doesn’t take as long as you think. Just yell Geronimo and go!” ???

Complaints! ?

This is NOT fun. I hate it so bad. However it’s a part of being an Entrepreneur. You get complaints. The goal is of course to get as few of them as possible. But I don’t believe you can run a business without receiving a few complaints every now and then. Simply because some people even complain when they have nothing to complain about. Not fair but a reality. ?

If you, like me, care about your own business then the worst part is to receive an email or a call from a client complaining about your service/product.

How to make that fun then? ..Yeah it’s tough to make it fun. I actually don’t think that’s possible but you can change the outcome and make it a less negative experience for you and your client. ????

First you need to listen to what the client say and make sure you understand what they are saying. Then you need to figure out whether the complain is a real complain or just a client trying to get a cut down in price.

If it’s a real serious complain then the goal is to turn them around. It’s all about listening and showing that you care. The client should feel that you are deeply sorry and that you want to solve this situation in a professional way. It’s absolutely crucial that you react in a humble and understanding way. Don’t make it worse by arguing with them. You can ask what they think is fair and how they want to solve but in the end it’s up to you. I also believe they react in a more positive manner if you have thought of a solution and present it.

If it’s a serious complain then give them more than they ask for. They will only appreciate it. You will maybe event experience that they will go from being angry and complaining to being your ambassador. That should be what you are aiming for. ???

What I normally do is, that I give them a cut down in price and give them a free cocktail course. Here I book myself as the bartender. That way I get the chance to show them how much I care. This is crucial since they probably feel the opposite since they are complaining. Even though it’s a step outside my comfort zone to meet up with a complaining client and it would be so much easier just to solve it on the phone then I really believe it’s a better way in the long run. Hopefully you don’t get many complaints so you do have time to really listen and learn from the experience.

Cold calling! ?

This one I used to do a lot in the early stage of my business. Now I don’t have to do it which I’m thankful for. However I still wanna give you advice on this boring and quite terrifying task.

Cold calling sucks ass. You get a no more often than you get on Tinder. It’s crazy! When you finally get to someone interested in your service/product then the answer is that you can send them an bloody email. Come on!? Like you didn’t explain it well enough.. ?

You feel rejected in no time! So how can we make that more fun?

Hmm.. It’s a tough one. I believe you should start using music once again. At hour office I invented that each time we close a client we play Indiana Jones theme song, Lion King theme song or Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. We celebrate the closed client like it was Champions League! We do it no matter the size of the client. Of course we celebrate way more if it’s a bigger one but you get the point. Celebrate.  That you should do in cold calling as well. Just don’t only celebrate when you get a yes (Then you’ll not celebrate that often..). The goal is to celebrate daily. Put the barrier on a lower height. Each time you get to send an email regarding your service/product then celebrate! Celebrate it like it’s a closed client. ?????

Of course that doesn’t mean they say yes but it’s still closer to a yes than ever. Not to forget that the celebration brings your mood up which will impact the next one you call. Your sound is absolutely key in cold calling. The more thrilled, positive and trustworthy you sound the better. Confidence and a happy mood is what you need. Those celebrations will help on that! ?

Another good method is to use statistics. Count your calls and find out how many you get to send an email. Then you want to be constantly beating yourself. That conversion rate needs to raise. Present you vs. old version you. I bet you great odds in that competition right? ??

The Cleaning Storage Dance

How I’m cleaning my storage in a fun way!

Here you can watch how I dance around like a monkey while I clean my storage. This shit went down on a Sunday. I was beyond tired but I put on some music and my mood went up. Exponential.

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