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Why 2016 wasn’t that bad

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Why 2016 wasn’t that bad

I know a lot of bad things happened in 2016. Terror attacks, legends past away, Brexit, Trump and many more. However blaming the year is really not gonna help. I tend to believe that if you focus on all the bad in our world then it’s pretty easy to get scared or to feel that it’s the worst year ever.

Terror attacks: Sure there was some people who apparently couldn’t stand that we as a planet are getting better connected. I don’t know why you commit that kind of a crime. You must feel misunderstood, scared, jealous and angry at the same time. Whatever reasons you have then please understand that absolutely no reasons are acceptable for such. Even though these terrible things still happen then it’s just good to remember that it’s been worse. Technology have made us all very well connected. Now a days so we get news from all over the world. Constantly and with such a speed that even Formula 1 racing seems a bit boring. We hear about all the accidents from all over the world. That’s a lot of accidents and bad news are more interesting. It’s sad but true. A media channel gets far more clicks from an accident than a romantic succesful story. Please remember that before you get scared visiting the Eiffel Tower or watching the Olympics. Yes there is a risk that something bad happens but life is full of risks, live with it.

Legends past away: David Bowie, George Michael, Prince, Frank Sinatra and many more. It’s not great. It’s really bad. Rest in peace times 1000. However please use it in a positive way. Listen to these legends songs and remember: We are all gonna die one day. We don’t know when, how or what actually happens. It’s pretty f****** scary. However please try to see it from a positive ankle. If you are reading this then I can tell you some amazing news (yes I’m going breaking!): You’re alive! Smile! Dance! Jump!

Brexit and Trump: Yes not many people saw those two coming. Who would have predicted that one year ago? However if you are scared or believe it’s the worlds end then you need to think twice. From a positive perspective it can be a major wake up call and a reason to look at political system from scratch. Nowadays you need a handfull of lawyers, an accountant and a contact person in SKAT to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Why don’t we have a system that makes life simple? A system build on common sense.

Again it’s easy to blame the system and the politicians just because life is tough and your taxes are high. I believe grumbling never solves anything. If you are frustrated then do something about it! You hate how the world is developing then take action!  Tiny steps count. It evolves into a bigger amount.

That being said here is my 2016 – Failures and achievements. Cheers in advance!

2016 achievements:

  • From one man army to a rockstar team: I started the year as being the only one working full time in my company. Now we ended the year being 4 guys and a few part time as well. Of course a ton of awesome bartenders, waitresses and DJ’s as well. That’s why I’ll from now on be saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. And it feels kinda great! Our business is very seasonal. December we have always been many working parttime/fulltime but now we are a team the whole year. That’s different. I really enjoy that different. ??
  • Turnover increased: Turnover of in 2015 was 1.5 million DKK. Turnover in 2016 is 2.4 million DKK. However turnover is not money earned which is important to remember. No multimillionaire here!
  • Other Cashcows established: We launched new business and earned money from and Isterninger.NU. Not as much as planned but shit takes time. ?
  • From talking to walking: We made a lot easier to run. Fridge, freezer, two ice machines, three cars, bigger storage in Århus and a lot of online tools that helps. Awe-to the-some. If you can talk the talk then you also have to be able ro walk the walk. Enough said. ???
  • Tough decisions: Increased our prices and upgraded on everything of the core business. As an entrepreneur you need to know what you are worth. We could see that we was running really fast for all our amazing clients. We wanted more time in order to launch in other countries and grow new businesses. We also wanted to upgrade the level of our services. We therefore increased our prices. We did it so we could earn more money per client and concentrate even more on delivering 100 % for each of them. It’s still to early to say if it’s the right choice. However it feels really great! ???
  • Helping homeless! We started giving our empty cans to homeless people. In Denmark each can is worth money. That way people don’t throw them out together with other trash. At least that’s the purpose. give away all those cans to Homeless. The homeless then go to the supermarket with it and gets money back. We call it It’s easy, we are helping poor people and the money we would have got from the cans is not destroying our budget. The best is the smiling faces you see when you hand over the cans. It could be because we are dressed like Batman and Robin when we do it. I choose to believe that’s it’s a mix of both.
  • Greater list of clients: Our list of clients and the events have been taking a step up. We have served cooperates such as Tryg, Zendesk, Fødevarestyrelsen, Vejdirektoratet, Dell, Deliotte, Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen, Sahva, Aller Media, Danbolig, CrossFit Copenhagen and many more. ?
  • Creative collaboration is the shit: As an entrepreneur it’s important that you know how to collaborate with likeminded people. We started collaborating with several locations, DJ’s, Beer companies, catering services. We all have the same target group so why not help each other. It’s simple and it really works.
  • Not just Bartenders: We have found our niche. Bartending and Cocktails is what we are really good at. However this year we have started helping our clients with whatever they needed. Food, music, tables, venues or whatsoever. If they have the budget for whatever they have in mind then we are ready to help! Being flexible about your service is important nowadays. People are different and they have different needs. Listening is absolutely key.??


2016 is over. It’s been a ride you couldn’t predict. Up and down. Mostly up though. I can’t say I’m not satisfied. I’m still alive and my business has never been stronger as it is right now. I have learned a lot. The three key lessons being that:

  1. Patience is everything. Overnight success is something you plan for. Shit takes time. Much more time than you think. Stay consistent to your goal.
  2. Get the right people around you. If you are not surrounded by the right people then you are screwed. They don’t necessarily need to have the same goal as you, being as patient as you or as hard working. However you need to make sure they other stand the ride. If they don’t understand the ride it’s not because they are dumb. It’s simply because you haven’t explained it well enough. They need to understand it. Only that way they will be as patient and hard working as yourself. You can’t blame other people for not following your dream if you don’t listen to their dreams and help them reach whatever they want to achieve. That I’m still struggling with but I’m getting there.
  3. Walking beats talking. It’s easy to plan and put stuff on your to do list. What really matters is execution. What do you really do? Success. Taste that word. It’s not just something that comes your way. Success will not just knock on your door all randomly. If you are lucky it will. However if you work smart then you can make it swing by more often and not all randomly. I said “work smart” because it’s not time spent that counts. It’s what’s done the end of the day. It’ doesn’t matter whether you work 100 hours per week or 40. What matters is what you achieve in does hours you work.

Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017! I’m all yours and ready to kick some serious ass!

In the next blog post I’ll write my goals for this year and tell you some exciting and scary news. #StayTuned ✌??

Work is Play

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Start loving what you do by making your to do list attractive!

It’s never been more important that you love what you are doing. In average we spent 30 % of our life working. That’s a lot. If you want to have something to compare with we sleep around 30 % as well.

If we spent 30 % working then we really should think about what we do with that 30 %. How many of does 30 do you love? 25? 20? 10? None? I know that none of us love all the 30 %. We all want to quit what we are doing from time to time. However it should not be a feeling you have in general. Work should be fun. Not hilarious, but fun. If you feel in doubt about your work then I believe you are not in doubt. Nowadays the world is filled with opportunities. You can do almost exactly what you want. Or at least pretty damn close! I want to challenge you to believe that. If you could do exactly what you want what would you do? First step finding your dream job is finding your passion.

If your passion is football etc. and you as a kid spend hours training to become the professional without succeeding then don’t see it as a mistake. It’s a lesson. You can do almost whatever you want. Everyone has limits. However if you still want to work with football and that’s your passion then there is a million ways to make it a fulltime job. Professional football player is just one of the many ways. Coach, physiotherapist, masseuse and so on.

It all begins with you focussing on the opportunities and not the problems. What is the worst that could actually happen? ..If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger they say. I tend to believe that if you know your passion then it is a giant mistake not to pursue it just a tiny bit.

Yes it is a risk.

Yes you will feel frustrated.

Yes it may cause economic chaos.

Yes you will think about why you did it at some point.

Yes the world around you will question your actions. Even those people closest to you.

But it will make you smile more (and everything before the but is bullshit!!..). It will make you work harder because you will not feel the work as work. Those extra hours you need to put in will not feel like extra hours.


We know Nike says Just do it and many succesful entrepreneurs do the same, “Follow your passion” and all that stuff they brag about. I want to challenge you for real. All these phrases are of course easier to yell than they are to follow. You are probably thinking just do what!? what is that it that I have to do? And what if I don’t know my passion? Or how do I make living when my passion is Netflix, Ben & Jerries and Holidays? ..That is some great questions. In fact I don’t have a clear answer to you. I still want to challenge your drive though. When your worklife is as its best (closed a client etc.) then it really should make Netflix, Ben & Jerries and Holidays suck ass. You should get that YEEEEEESSS feeling sometimes. The more often the better. I want you to ask yourself if you get that YEEEEESS feeling at your work? Because if you work to pay bills or to get more time for other stuff then you are wrong. It’s 30 % of your life. Think about that. Spending 30 % of your life to make the last 40 % better (remember 30 % you are asleep..) is not the best solution. It’s of course acceptable. But if better is possible good is not enough. 

Why not make 90-95 % of that one life you’ve got amazing? What is the worst that could happen? Are you scared of failing? Then let me tell you that believing you can actually do it is 90 % of success. Cheers for that!


We all do it once in a while. We wake up Monday morning and we feel tired, dizzy and we just want coffee. We use Monday as an excuse for our mood. The “You know it’s Monday…” kind of vibe. I challenge you to stop that. Monday is not a bitch. Or a bad guy. Monday is the smartest kid in school. The kid that’s easy to hate because everyone else does it. But why not collaborate with Mr. Monday?

Why not get a great start of every week? Enjoy it. Get ahead. Kiss that Monday. If you hate Monday then it’s what you do that you hate. I challenge you to make your Monday more fun. Start next Monday. Dance, smile, play, laugh. What stops you? Your surroundings? Then you should change them.

Each morning I want you to take a look in the mirror:

Do you have health?

Do you have wealth?

Then be the best version of yourself!

Don’t be like:

Be like:

Posivite Impact

There is one more thing that counts in your worklife. As important it is that your job gets you excited as important it is that your job makes an impact in a positive way.

I know it sounds cheesy but your work should make the world a better place. You probably think that it seems a bit crazy and how can my work even do that? I’m glad you ask. Your work and actions should bring more smiles than angry faces in your life including yourself. If it does then it’s making a change into something better. The percentage might be tiny but even a tiny change in the right direction is worth something.

If you look at your work as an bank account: The more smiles your work will bring the more plusses you receive. The angry faces and complaints you create being the minuses. I ask you: How is the balance?

If your think your balance is negative then it’s about time you change it. It all begins with a single step in the right direction. You don’t have to quit today if that feels like a bit too crazy. The small step could be to start smiling to your colleague or praise someone that deserves it.

Karma is a bitch and even if you don’t believe in her, she will punch you in the face if you don’t treat her with some respect.

Work is play – Why should I be lazy?

Work today – be a little crazy!

Yeah that’s a fact, you need to react

It’s Positive fucking Impact!

Work is Play. Positive Impact is awesome. Why not play an awesome game?

It’s never too late to jump. You don’t have to jump like a professional. You can jump exactly as high as you want to. But do jump!

As the Holstee Manifesto says:

Why the Share Economy is saving the world!

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What is the Sharing Economy?

You probably already know Uber, Airbnb and other local sharing services.

A sharing economy is defined by a model where individuals borrow/rent other peoples things. Sometimes it’s referred to as a peer-to-peer sharing. In short: You share your belongings with strangers through online marketplaces.

Why is it saving the world?

If we take a look into the beauty of sharing stuff. Sharing is caring.  It’s actually quite simple. You own a house, expensive clothing, a car, a bike and so on. Through the world wide web we now are able to share almost everything with total strangers. It’s AMAZING! ❤️

Before we was only able to share with friends and colleagues. But did we do it? Hell no (Okay at least not always). If a friend asked us about using our car we either found a bad excuse for saying NO or we said SURE and felt weird about asking for cash. Not to mention how to setup a fair fee.

Now you have online marketplaces helping you from scratch. Airbnb helps you making a beautiful profile of your flat. It even reminds you uploading pictures. They track how fast you are to answer people. They help you setting up a fee based on their own data. You get reviews from those who lived at your flat. Airbnb even has a service that help you if you somehow get screwed. Meanwhile the person renting your flat is living cheaper than the nearest hotels and you earn money for hosting. I mean whats not to like?

Well actually: Is there a downside of these lovely sharing technologies? Or is it just a perfect party? ??✌??

Data that helps proving my point

  • Number of Airbnb users: 60 million
  • Average number of nightly Airbnb stays around the world: 500.000 stays per night
  • Number of countries that Airbnb is active in: 192 countries 
  • Number of Uber users: 8 million
  • Average number on daily Uber rides: 1 million rides
  • Average number on monthly new Uber drivers: 50.000 drivers
  • Sharing Economy is one of TIME Magazine’s 10 Ideas that will change the world.
  • $2.46 billion funding in Sharing Economy startups in the last seven months.

What’s not to like?

If we really try (and we have to try hard) to find bad things to say about such service as Airbnb or Uber then it’s the tax issue. The majority people renting out their flats/rooms don’t know how to report it to the government. Why is that? Well these services went global why the governments worldwide was sleeping. ?

I know it’s easy to blame the government. However sometimes you get a feeling that they spend a lot time about discussing numbers. But it’s of course not an easy task when you need to control technology. Technology has a pace that can be hard to follow. It goes super fast. It’s like Usain Bolt on speed. ??#Crazy ..Especially the better we get connected worldwide. Just take a look on the latest robot videos. They are coming. Not in 10 years but sooner. Our governments are trying to follow up with rules and laws on the subject but technology is just not a fair friend. It keeps evolving. Right now so fast than even our own brains can have a hard time to understand it. But hey, soon they can be replaced! ?

How is Sharing Economy saving our world then? 

We are not that different from each other. We are the same race. Please watch the Momondo commercial on the right before you questionnaire my point. ??

What has this to do with the sharing economy? Well the sharing economy we get to meet strangers from all over the world. We get to know each other. We have to trust the people we let inside our flat or using our car. Some people probably use Airbnb or other sharing services because they earn some extra cash. I mean who would do it if there wasn’t any money in it? ..But does it matter that we earn cash?

The beauty of the sharing economy is that you let go and trust a complete stranger. Different skin color, another background, crazy culture and a weird religion. It doesn’t matter. You believe in the service. You believe that it’s not a serial killer you let it. YOU ARE OPEN! ??

What happens then? 95 % of the time you find out that we really aren’t that different from other people. You share a cup of coffee with the stranger or you chat a bit with them. You probably don’t become BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) but you meet up, you share and you move on.

How is it saving the world? All the condemns are destroyed. We become closer as a race. Not only by digitalization but because we meet up. #OneFamily ?


Dear awesome reader! (If you came this far you are pretty awesome.. ???)

As you probably already know I’m a big fan of the sharing economy. I really believe that it already has and still is changing the world into something better.

Imagine not owning anything but sharing your all belongings. Or at least the bigger things (I still would like to have my own toothbrush) .. ?

A connected world is a better world. As long as we can keep following the technology we are creating. Because that way it will safe the world and not destroy it. (Sometimes it would be great if the world had a STOP button we could press and just discuss for 2 minutes on how we want the technology to evolve. However that discussion probably wouldn’t last 2 minutes.. So let’s hope we keep thinking about what we do as the brilliant human race we are..)

That being said I challenge you to share more! Just use your great brain while you do it! ?

Cheers! ?

Smile and Focus!

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We are all ego’s. Some are just better to control their ego than others. We want to do better than everyone else. We look at others and compare their business or their life with our own.

That’s WRONG!

Why? Well you can either keep looking at others that has more success or a better body or whatever than you, or you can look at yourself and make some changes.  Be the most awesome version of yourself. Because there will always be someone that’s better or fitter or smarter than you. Al-to the giant-ways! Depressing? Hell no. It doesn’t matter.  Use these super humans (and yes also your competitors) as inspiration. That way they will give you energy to do better. And if better is an option. Good is not good enough. Period.

It all comes down to your focus. You can start looking in the mirror.  What’s that? Yes! Yourself! Smile to that awesome person looking back.

“Why should I smile? My body fat is above 50 %, I don’t have a job, no girlfriend and I look like Shrek”..

Because smiling will make the difference. Period. (Yes I do like those periods ?..) Accept the situation and make the best of it. If you are without a job then see it as a opportunity to find out what you really want. If you feel ugly about your body then it’s your focus that’s wrong. Because everyone has some part of awesomeness inside. The difference is that some people are not afraid of showing it. I want you to be a part of those people. ..And the best about living is that we can make changes to our lives. You hate your job? Quit. You hate your body? Do something about it. Stop complaining and take action. Smiling can be the first move.


..Alright it’s actually okay to compare yourself with others as long as it’s not filled with bitterness. If you are bitter then drink Fernet Branca until your mind is positive once again. That was a joke. Ha ha. ?

I’m not saying you can go all happy all the time. Everyone has bad days. Everyone. The bad days is what makes the good days,good. But a bad day can change to be a good day. SMILE and FOCUS!

I know that you know this. I know that you have heard it all before. I know that even though you know this and you have heard it all before then you are still struggling. That’s why I’m writing this. Let this be your sign. It’s time to smile! ?

What do I know about having bad days? Well just today I feel like crab. Hangover, unanswered emails and a lot of stuff on my TO DO list. … But HEY it could be worse!! I’m alive and my hangover haven’t made me puke yet. (Yesterday was like: “If I say TE you say QUILA!..” Today I’m like this: ?).. But still smiling! ?

10 reasons to SMILE!

  1. You are alive. ????
  2. You can read. ?
  3. You can smile. ?
  4. You are not living in a time where you can’t break out from bad circumstances around you. ?
  5. You can say YES instead of NO. ??
  6. Smiling makes you attractive and it fights stress! ?
  7. It’s absolutely free, healthy and you will achieve lot greater things if you start doing it. ??
  8. You are AWESOME. Why? You are reading this. That makes you awesome. True story. ?
  9. You know all these reasons but this time you WILL remember them. ??
  10. This reason I don’t even have to give since you already smile. ?


It’s easy for me just to say “SMILE AND FOCUS”. I know that. Of course no one will be able to do it every single day. However smiling is exactly as easy. Try it out. You have done it before and it’s not like you will ever forget how to do it. What is your big excuse?

Start focusing on smiling. Because as an entrepreneur I have learned one thing: It’s what you focus on that may will succeed. Focus on smiling!

I have another easy task for you: Each day you should look in the mirror. Smile to yourself. Then tell yourself that today you’ll be the best version of yourself. Perhaps not a smiling superhero but the best possible version of that awesome you. I know it probably won’t save our planet. But it will make a difference if we all did that. It starts with you.

Thanks and cheers in advance! ?


NYTÅRSTALE fra en Iværksætter

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NYTÅRSTALE fra en Iværksætter!

Mit 2015 som Iværksætter:

Med fare for at hoppe med på bølgen og dvæle lidt ved 2015, så kommer her mit tilbageblik som iværksætter. ?

Lad mig starte med min egen business. 2015 var et festligt år forretningsmæssigt:

  • Omsætningsrekord for 1,5 million kroner
  • Weekend omsætning: 200.000 kr.
  • 42 folk ansat på en enkelt weekend.
  • På en enkelt weekend i Oktober var vi i Tølløse, Køge, Hadsund, Østerbro, Islands Brygge, 2 x Samsø og på Born-til det mega-holm. Landsdækkende? Kalaha.
  • Omkring 500 forskellige events og fester. Bryllupper, polterabends, studentergilder, 18’års, 30, 40, 50 og 60’års, firmafester, julefrokoster, konfirmationer, sommerfester, efterskolefester, vip events, cocktail parties, fredagsbarer, fashion week, cocktail kurser både for voksne og alkoholfrie kurser for unge. Bum.
  • Servering for alt fra 10 til 500 til 1000 mennesker.
  • Verdens Største og Bedste Gin Tonic med Whitney Neill og Fever Tree Tonic lavede vi på Distortion. (Ja vi har den uofficielle verdensrekord. Se mere her!)
  • Åbnede og lukkede vores egen cocktail bar. Baren hed Det Bar Træls. Kan du ikke se det sjove i det? Det bar træls.
  • Eget kontor og eget stort lager i København ved Symbion på Østerbro.
  • Åbnet en rigtig afdeling i Århus hos vores seje samarbejdspartner Lothar Dan.
  • Vi har fløjet en af verdens absolut bedste Flair bartendere Lupu Flavius fra London til Danmark for at lave et imponerende Flair Show.
  • Vi har haft kunder som Lloyds Bank, Depeche.EU, Arbejdsskadestyrelsen, 7-eleven, Telenor osv.
  • Vi har danmarks absolut bedste bartendere i blandt vores ansatte. Alle er seje på hver deres måde. I ved hvem i er! ?
  • Vi har i slut november launched en event platform som hedder Her kan du indhente tilbud fra fest leverandører til dit arrangement. (DJ’s, lokaler, tjenere, bartendere, tryllekunstnere osv.).
  • Vi har lige inden årskiftet launched en webshop som hedder Her kan du købe ALT til din cocktail party.

Er jeg så succesfuld? Tilfreds? Er ALT bare en fest? Næh. Der ligger masser af koordinering, slid og arbejde bagved. Laver man fejl? Jada. Er det træls? Sindssygt træls. Men som nævnt for præcist et år siden, så handler det om at møde hver enkelt fejl med et skål. Men du skal ikke skåle med den samme fejl igen. Tag ved lære af fejlen, så du ALDRIG støder på den igen. Hvis du gør, så må du høre bedre efter, hvad den fejl fortæller dig. Lyt, lær og skål. ???

Ønsker du eksempler på fejl?

  • Vi lavede Verdens Største Gin Tonic, men tabte en masse penge på projektet, da vi endte med en masse spild. ? ..Men vi valgte jo også at kaste os ud i et projekt, vi aldrig havde prøvet før. Vi kom igennem på grund af hjælp fra andre.
  • Jeg kørte galt. Rigtig galt. På vej til et Cocktail Kursus. SMASK. Sagde det. Nu var det ikke 100 % min fejl. Men bærer en del af ansvaret. Jeg var stresset og det var den anden billist også. Ingen kom noget alvorligt til. Heldigvis. Jeg fik ringet fra ambulancen til en anden skrap kollega, som tog til Cocktail Kurset og fik underholdt kunden. Resten af weekenden blev koordineret og bil blev lejet. Mit helbred? Ikke just prangende, men heller ikke værre end jeg godt følte jeg kunne arbejde. Jeg træffede et valg.
  • Vi havde en bil der brød sammen på motorvejen på vej til et stort vigtigt bryllup. (Faktisk samme weekend som mit uheld ?..). Det er ulovligt at gå fra en bil på motorvejen. Man skal vente på vejhjælp. Hvad vælger vi? At tage en stor taxa til kunden. Var vi forsinkede? Ja! Var de tilfredse? Nej. Men hvad skal man gøre?
  • Vi åbnede og blev lukket med vores Det Bar Træls. Det er en lang sjov historie. Kort: Ejerne af lokalet var konservative københavnere, som ikke kunne se det muntre i vores kække jydebar, som medierne valgte at døbe os. Deres officielle udmelding var, at vi ikke ryddede ordentligt op. Vi betalte en af deres ansatte 200 kr. i timen på at passe på inventaret i samarbejde med os og fortælle os hvad vi skulle gøre. Vi blev lukket pga. mediernes vinkel. Læs mere her: AOK og Politiken. Det var bar træls.

Dette var blot et lille uddrag af de besværligheder man møder i sin dagligdag som iværksætter. Men det SKAL være træls. Verden er træls. Vi skal dø og det er træls. Men træls er ikke nødvendigvis negativt. Uden træls havde vi ikke fedt. Og det handler om at nyde det fede fuldt ud og tackle det trælse på den rigtige måde.

Hatten, Handlinger og Gin Tonic

Her på kontoret er JA hatten på. Hver dag. Hvorfor? Kan du kun sige JA? Ole Henriksen i en yngre version? Næppe. JA hatten minder mig om, at vi hver eneste dag bliver stillet overfor valg. Vi kan vælge hvor vi vil hen. 100 %. Helt selv. Du bestemmer. Du kan vælge at gå ud af din dør og prøve på din helt egen passionerede måde at hjælpe med at gøre tilværelsen en smule bedre. Eller du kan vælge at se dig sur og irriteret på folk som mig. Folk som tør skrive, hvad de mener. Folk som godt ved, at de måske ikke er perfekte, men alligevel tør skrive, hvad de mener vi skal gøre. Folk som hurtigt kommer til at lyde hellige uden at være specielt hellige. Folk som handler. Jeg handler. Du skal handle.

Jeg vil gerne udfordre dig. Når du har læst dette til ende (Please læs det hele ?..), så skal du handle på det du vil. Lyst. Prøv at tænk på hvad du vil. Indenfor nogle rimelige rammer. Men det SKAL være grænseoverskridende. Gå så benhårdt efter det. Fra lige nu. Ikke imorgen. Ikke om en uge. Men NU. Livet er kort. Liver er alt for kort. Livet er for kort til dårlig Gin Tonic, og det er for kort til at vente på, at der kommer en god én af slagsen tilfældigt forbi din dør. Du skal derfor handle, så du selv kan lave den gode Gin Tonic eller handle så du kan bestille en professionel, som kan lave den for dig. Uanset hvad, så skal du handle mod det gode og det du ønsker. (“Gin Tonic” billedet skal ikke tages bogstaveligt, hvis du vælger at gøre dette, så kan du jo bestille lækker gin og glimrende tonic i vores nye webshop eller bestille den professionelle bartender, som kan lave den til dig, hos os ?).

Hvad gør JEG egentlig? Jeg skaber smil til alverdens festlige lejligheder og laver gode cocktails. Er jeg en frelser? Bestemt ikke. Men jeg gør hvad jeg kan. Jesus var ikke bartender. Selvom han alligevel formåede at gøre vand til vin, hvilket må siges at være en ganske god start. Nu må du ikke misforstå det jeg skriver. Jeg siger ikke DU SKAL. Jeg siger, at du har et valg. Du har måske hørt det meste før, men så er det ikke dig, som jeg skriver dette til. Jeg skriver dette til dig, som har brug for at læse dette. Eller dig som er enig, men ikke tør stå ved det. Lyder jeg perfekt og velformuleret? Det er jeg ikke. Jeg skal selv være meget bedre til at vise taknemmelighed. Det gælder ansatte, familie, samarbejdspartnere og venner. Tak! Af hjertet tak! Uden hjælp kommer man ingen vejne. Jeg er et heldigt asen, at der er folk der vil hjælpe mig. Tak. Highfive. Skål. Kram og kys. Ligeså sej, selvsikker og smart jeg kan være. Ligeså ensom, uvidende og usikker kan jeg være. Træls. Men sådan skal det være. Op og ned.

Hvad er planen så for 2016?

  • Vi skal launche i London og Malmø.
  • Vi skal få ud over rampen. Først Danmark. Derefter tager vi resten af verden. I 2016 skal vi som minimum dække hele Danmark og have 500 arrangementer igennem platformen.
  • Vi skal have 100 folk i arbejde på 1 weekend.
  • Vi skal åbne egen bar i København og den skal ikke lukke efter 1 weekend.
  • Vi skal holde vores egne arrangementer, hvor DU er velkommen. Uanset hvem DU er!
  • Vi skal skabe endnu flere smil, mere glæde og godt humør.
  • Vi skal gøre ALT hvad vi kan for at gøre denne verden bare en mikroskopisk procentdel bedre.

Når jeg det hele? Det ved jeg ikke. En ting er sikkert. Jeg når det ikke alene. Jeg har brug for hjælp.  Men man finder ikke ud af om man kan, hvis man ikke prøver. Vi kan meget mere end vi selv tror. Det gælder alle dele af vores eksistens. ?

Godt Nytår og Skål!

Det hele begynder med, at du begynder at sige det højt. Hvad vil du opnå? Derefter skal du træffe nogle valg, som ikke altid er nemme valg. Husk dog at juble og råbe YES, når du bevæger dig nærmere det du gerne vil opnå. Følelsen af sejr har uendelig betydning. Følelsen af, at du udretter noget. Følelsen af, at du som individ rent faktisk har en betydning. Følelsen af, at du har sat dit præg til at gøre det hele bare en smule bedre. Om du så har fået en enkelt hjemløs til at smile ved at købe et eksemplar af Hus Forbi, hjulpet din nabo, sorteret dit affald eller om du har kureret kræft. Det handler om at starte, tage de rigtige skridt og fejre det, når man opnår noget. Virkede planen ikke? Så læg en ny. Sæt sejl og lær af dine fejl. ⛵️

Kort sagt: SÆT MÅL. SPIS KÅL. SKÅL! 

Slutteligt vil jeg sige, at jeg er fan af dronningen. Eller det blev jeg. Nytårsaften. En dronning, som laver fejl, kan jeg relatere til og respektere. Jeg kan med garanti i stemmen sige, at det skabte smil og latter rundt om i de danske stuer. Skål for det! Jeg vil også gerne nævne, at jeg inderligt håber, at der bliver handlet på klimaet og flygtningeproblemet. Ellers gør jeg det snart. Med en skål. Og invitere magthaverne på en god Gin Tonic. Mon ikke det kunne hjælpe?

Kære 2016.. På forhånd skål herfra! Uanset om det bliver et træls eller fedt år. Eller begge dele. Jeg håber, at du (kære dejlige lækre smukke læser.. Hvis du er nået hertil, så er du sej og du har allerede fået mig til at smile.. ? Jeg håber, at du) får et år, hvor du får noget fedt, som du får nydt fuldt ud. Jeg håber, at du handler og får spist en masse kål. Skål.???!

..Og får du brug for at kunne lave den bedste Gin Tonic, så er der en video lige der ??!

Godt Nytår og Cheers

Rasmus Damgaard

How to dress up as an Entrepreneur?

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How to dress up as an Entrepreneur?

The cold weather is coming and the winter depressions will hit those who aren’t prepared. Here is a few tips so you don’t get hit:

The YES hat!

In Denmark we have an expression called “JA hatten“. That means that you are positive no matter what and that you can’t say no to suggestions coming your way. I wear my Yes hat everyday. 24/7.

Of course it’s important to say NO sometimes. Saying YES to all new business opportunities can lead to stress. However in my mind, wearing a Yes hat means, that no matter what stands in your way you believe in yourself and look at the bright side of it.

The Yes hat is about your focus. You and only you decide what to focus on. You can either focus on all the downsides of your business and the daily life as an entrepreneur. Or you can focus on how to solve those downsides. Are you low on cash or do your business don’t have enough customers? Well then focus on solving that instead of complaining about it. Perhaps you need to change your strategy, product or the way you do your marketing. It’s not easy but wear your Yes hat and you’ll get through it 😉

Bring the business card!

Old fashioned? Hell yeah! Some of those you give it to will just throw it away. However it’s still has a value. In my mind it all depends on your business cards design.

Can you design your Business Card so your potential customer or business partner will keep it?

I do Bartender Services in my company. Therefore I chose to design the back of my business card with either a cocktail recipe or a “how to make good cocktails at home” manual.

Did it work? Yes! Some who never would have taken the card at one of my events took it with them. Not because they wanted to keep my pretty face in their pocket. But because they wanted to learn how to make the best Mojito!

Cheers for creativity! 😉

Don’t forget your smile!

It’s indeed a cliche, I know that. But it’s still right! Everyone is beautiful when they smile. Everyone!? Yes every-to-the-mega-one!

I don’t say I’m an expert in smiling. However I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt anyone if we used the force a little more each day.  It’s so easy! Like you can do it right now. When you read this. Why? Because Nike say it. #JustDoIt

I’m not saying you just should walk around with a fake smile. That’s not gonna get you through your day. But a sweet little smile every now and then will only make yourself more interesting. Here I speak as a potential customer, partner, business angel, friend etc.


Be prepared for any kind of “weather”!

Denmark is freezing, rainy and cold as f***. Period. It’s easy to just hate it. “Lorte vejr” as we danish dudes call it.

What can we do about that? Well we hoped the global warming would do something about it. That wasn’t the case. Global Warming went everywhere else besides Denmark. Cheers for that. And now it’s seems like the winter actually will get colder

So what can we actually do about that? We can of course start a greener life (..I’m not talking about your diet now. #EatClean). But what I believe is even more important is to think your business into it.

Can you make your business more green? Can your business help the planet in some sort of way?

For example at we are offering an organic Cocktail Bar and we share our ride with strangers on when we have to drive far to go to an event. I know that probably won’t change the world. However you can be one of the tiny steps towards a change and the change is needed.

Let me put it like this: You can either stand in the rain and get wet, freeze and complain about it #LorteVejr. Or you can dress up for it and take action.

Would you like a green cocktail?

Addicted to Coffee?

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Addicted to Coffee? Hell yeah!

My daily cup of coffee:

I love coffee. Not as I love my family and friends of course. What’s the difference? Well coffee I have everyday and I can’t survive without it 😉

Today I have already had 2 cups of coffee. Usually I will have 4 a day. You are probably thinking “That’s not that much”.. Well that’s because I haven’t showed you the size of the cup yet. I try to cheat my brain. If I take a big cup then I can have more coffee without having that many cups a day. It’s cheating but it works haha 😀 ..It probably adds up to around 6-8 cups a day.

#CoffeeAddict #WhoCares

It’s an addiction. But who cares? Coke would have been worse. Here I mean both types of coke. The one you drink and the one you sniff.

How I drink my coffee? Well right below you’ll fin the secret recipe. It’s healthy and absolutely amazing.

Cheers in advance!

Today started with this lovely cup:

How I love my coffee?

  • Order an Americano (Double Espresso with hot water)
  • Ask for steamed fat milk on the side!
  • Put a tea spoon of Coconut Oil in the coffee and stir gently.
  • Last but not least, put a dash of Cinnamon on top.
  • Enjoy!

How is it Coffee works?

I found this awesome youtube video about what coffee actually does to you and why it gives you that kick. Watch it while you sip a cup. Cheers!

Why do I drink that much coffee?

I can feel that it helps me to get my creativity and I get work done. Could I do it without coffee? Probably.. But would I do it? No. It wouldn’t be fun. It would feel terrible.. Haha yes that’s how addicted I am..

Feel free to give my recipe a go! ..And please share your own knowledge! I would love to test new types of having coffee! ..I drink 8 cups a day so I have plenty possibilities of testing 😉

Here is a few pic’s for all us who are coffee addicted:


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Hey everyone!

This is my very first blog update.

I’m thinking not making it a great one. Since I want to improve my blog skills and in order for me to do that, the first blog post should be bad, right? You get it?

Okay that was a bad start..

What is it all about?

My blog will be about the life as an entrepreneur, cocktail bartender and cross fitter.

I will share my knowledge, ideas and opinion with you guys.


Because I think my view on the planet and where we are going is important and I think my story is interesting. Selfish? Hell yeah. And now you know my opinion about that.

I don’t care about what other people think about me. I know you have heard that several times from others and it’s almost a cliche. However I think I have proven myself in my actions the last couple of years and I certainly will show you during this blog that I focus 100 % on the things I want to achieve.

Cheers in advance!