My Story as an danish Entrepreneur!


  • I started 2015 setting some goals for my business. Goals is always a good way to get started and it helps on your motivation. I wanted to have a turnover on 1 million danish kroner. I also wanted to launch my project and buy a car for the company.
  • In February my company flew one of the world’s best flair bartenders to Denmark. His name was Lupu Flavius. If you don’t believe me try to google him. Amazing guy! We made a show with him for a danish company in Kolding. The 400 guests was impressed.
  • In April I bought my first car. It was a Citroen Berlingo from 2000. I named it the Barlingo. It was not the best car but it was cheap (15.000 DKK incl. danish VAT) and it was better than renting cars on weekly basis.
  • Opened my own Cocktail Bar called “The Bar Træls“. We shut it down after just one weekend. Why? Well the owners of the venue didn’t like our massive exposure from the danish media. However it was a fun and great experience.
  • I got the World Record in Gin Tonic. We created the world biggest and best gin tonic at Distortion Street Festival in Copenhagen. The volume was 2000 litre and it was made with Whitney Neill Gin and Fever Tree Tonic. That’s why it’s not only the worlds biggest Gin Tonic but also the worlds best Gin Tonic. Cheers for that!
  • My company got company references such as: Telenor, TDC, PWC, Lloyds Bank and so on.
  • We was on Copenhagen Fashion Week in Bella Center. The danish fashion company hired us to serve at the fair. It was a succes and they hired us for the 2016 fair immediately.
  • We did another show in Bella Center. This time for Lloyds Bank. They wanted a top notch Flair Bartending Show. hired Kim Hass and Michael Dahlstrøm to deliver that. They nailed it.


  • Born and raised in Denmark. Born in March, 1991.
  • Moved to London after High School to become a Cocktail Bartender. I worked over there for one and a half year. Apres Cocktail Bar etc.
  • Develop an iPhone app called Get Off. It will make sure you get off your bus/train at the right stop.
  • Moved back to Århus, Denmark. I worked as Cocktail Bartender at St. Pauls Apothek and Fidels in Århus.
  • Moved to Copenhagen where I worked as Cocktail Bartender at Skipper Kroen, Oakroom, Salon 39, FUGU and Moltkes Palæ.
  • Started my own company iDEA in May 2013 with a lot of different projects.
  • I got stress and an anxiety attack because I had way too many ideas, projects and thoughts.
  • I stop focussing on Get Off, Gyms Go Green, The Creators and other projects. I started focussing 100 % on in September 2013.
  • Cocktail Bartender at FUGU and Waiter at Moltkes Palæ. That was my part time jobs.
  • Left Molkes Palæ in December 2013 because business was going good.


  • Quit FUGU in June 2014 and started living life 100 % as an entrepreneur.
  • My company served the Queen of Denmark, Roger Moore (James Bond) and a lot of danish actors, TV stars and so on.
  • Corporate References in 2014: Topdanmark, Bestseller,, Europæiske Rejseforsikring, Danske Bank, Nordea etc.
  • Served cocktails for an event with more than 1000 guests. We was 8 bartenders on that shift.
  • In December 2014 I had one weekend where I employed 34 people. 32 Cocktail Bartenders and 2 DJ’s.
  • had a turnover on 890.000 DKK.
  • I went to the World Championship in Cocktails in South Africa. Our Flair Bartender Mathias Daa competed. He did that because he won the Official Danish Championship in Flair. It was a great experience watching the world finals. Our Danish competitor Jimmy Jepsen went all the way and won in his category. Awesome skills!
  • I competed in the Official Danish Championship in Classic Cocktail. I finished as number 10th. I also competed in the danish championship in Freestyle Bartending. Here I finished 2nd.